Stop and Stare, make sure you are Marching up!

Image2nd week of March, also White Valentine’s day, who cares! Well, i have never celebrated stuff like this coz my partner is not romantic. I’m such a saddo sometimes. But anyway, I better March up. Had a really bad start this March. Let’s see how bad was it:

1. lost one off day in work due to my ‘lovely’ boss is not understanding enough. He’s so not logical and has no common sense! (will not mention in detail here coz it is a waste of time)

2. kind of got cornered by one of my director into a room with my supervisor and my other director.

3. complains, recheck and more complains from Px. – GET A LIFE MAN!

These all happened within one week. Well, who said life is gonna be perfect, who said this is gonna be easy. I am glad i have bunch of colleagues and friends there to comfort me. I am gonna live the fullest and learn the best out of this practise. Not leaving a trace of opportunity behind. We had Sauflon CLs team in yesterday in Practice. They taught us (10 Optoms) how to fit a Multifocal CLs. We have even completed MCQs which worth 2 CET points. After that, we went to Fish Factory in Worthing town centre for a fishy meal ; ) I had Grilled Skate with chips and parsley and white wine sauce, tried Spotted Dick Pudding! lol. will not ever try it again because it is basically christmas pudding that you have not on a christmas day!

I talked to one of my uni friend who he his visit 2 and he scored 25/30! That’s well good! This just help me March up a bit. I need to be more focus for my visit 3, which is coming up next 18th April. I have got a few Px records today. I am very proud of myself in Marching forward a bit. = ) Must not stop until i have my visit done.

There’s another I am on about is this superHOT victoria secret model—> MIRANDA KERR. She’s a bombshell! I am taking her as a role model. i stalk her everyday. She is so healthy and beautiful inside out. She practice good well-being through yoga, eating healthily (she has a degree in nutritionist), has a balanced life (work, baby, hubby, skincare, NYC, OZ) and believes in everyone deserves their best! We have what it takes to deserve out best. So nothing is impossible!

I am trying to practice not to judge ppl and focus on what i do at work (it’s very very hard because i love listen to gossips, hahaha), just smile and say nothing. This is what people know me as, haha because when i don’t get what they say, I either just smile, laugh say yes or no. LOL

I am trying to cut down bread and milk and have soy milk and….. potato as carb instead (more excuse to have crisps! ; ) ) Also, I have replaced cooking oil to coconut oil, also add Flaxseed into my food for extra fibre in it, choose organic food if there’s a choice, and also choose less processed food to eat.

I am also trying to do exercise everyday from walking 30 mins to stretching my legs, bumps and tums in my room, 35 mins korean aerobics or hit the gym with one of my housemate. One thing i lack most is TLC from my partner really. Can’t do much about it. I guess i will just need to pamper myself more = ).

Ok, it’s time to March on with my work and revision. Determination is the key ♡.


♩♪♫♬…Oh when Eunice, go Marching in, oh when Eunice go Marching in, I wanna be at my bestest, oh when Eunice go Marching in…♫♪♬♩


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