Life as a Pre-reg optometrist

To Eunice,

The day I first started working is on the 23th July 2012. I still remember the day like it was just yesterday. It was 3 days after my graduation. In 4 days time the College of Optometrist will announce the result of my OSCE. Qualify or not? (Will get back to u soon)

This is the first time in my life that I don’t know what am I going to do in the next 4 days. If I pass, I will be jobless, need to start job hunting, start packing, be prepared to go home, traveling, ended up in Manchester taking care of bro, start applying for le Cordon Bleu cooking school, be more serious in singing, plan to be an air hostess….. The list goes on and I still dunno what I am going to do. If I fail, I need to still pack and move out, find a temporary place to stay while waiting for my next OSCE in January 2014, employed but get crap salary with no bonus, emo for 3 months while directors will be proper happy and yea…. Life goes on no matter what.

There’s part of me wanting to stay working at my current work place is the people who I work with, I hate here is because of the people who I work for. Worthing is such a beautiful place to stay, u get nice view, reasonable rent, nice people and nice food! Man I will miss here. I can’t wait to leave here is because I wanna go further, I need upgrading. I dislike my life, I need to change the way I live my life. I need to do more things to help me boost my confident. But still first thing first is wanna pass.

This year is full of emotional. I get really tough time at work, met a lot of different people, I learn so much from them. Where shall I start, my English speaking is better because no one speak mandarin with me here. I just realized I like to play with accent ; ) At work, I have to be extremely understanding as I see 15-18 patient a day, working 5 days a week having only 28 days holiday. You can do the math in how many patients I see a year. You need to engage with everyone within 5 mins to make people feel comfortable so that you can create a rapport communication and get the most informative information and try to sell without showing them u are actually selling (that’s the hardest bit!) and doing all this plus answering all questions within 25mins. I am glad I can do this after a year of training. I still remember when I first started testing, 4 patients a day makes me feel so tiring and proud and I feel like I deserve a good pat on the back by all my colleagues! Lol. It is also very rewarding when you get someone you don’t know wants to see you or they come back for you or they leave good comments online about you. Or write a letter to my director and asking them to keep me in UK or receiving a letter about the meaning or my name : ) Also, receiving gifts when u hit targets keep you motivated too! Even if its just chocolates that make you fat!

I have been very focus when I am studying for all the visits and made sure I am not wasting my time studying things that doesn’t really help, especially when exam is just around the corner. I have written all my notes for all the classic scenarios, things I don’t use to know and I keep them nicely so I can re-refer them when I need them. Did most of the CET and MCQ which is relevant, discuss with friends, went to library at the college, borrowed books. I felt I have done the best I could. I felt I have appreciated and treasured the opportunity I have in this year. I felt I have done enough. So please God help me pass. I told myself I have to do my best for just once to pass all this. So there you go I have done my best. So please make me pass.

To be honest I can’t imagine myself here working till next January. But I don’t wanna be disappointed with my result, so I need to keep reminding myself that there is a possibility that I can fail. I’m in a dilemma! Big time! Feel so helpless. Omitofo omitofo…

There’s so many people I wanna thank already, but this should better be written after I got my result. Teehee. So imma pray on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is my ‘last’ day at work. Amen.

Love yourself,


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