Ok you guessed it right, But now I’m found :D

Hello people, as we all know life is difficult; it has its ups and downs. We experience successes and failures, good luck and bad. Life isn’t always pleasant, nor is it easy. So after my last post in Sept 2012 I didn’t post anything until now, so quite obviously I didn’t make it. But after 4 difficult months, I passed!!! There goes my shoutout:

FB status and blessings from friends

FB status and blessings from friends

Within these 4 months, I have gone through stresses and decisions – ups and downs. I have resigned from my old work place. All I remember was I left with a really bad skin condition, with pimples on my cheeks, leaving me scars on my beautiful face. I don’t usually have pimples even during times. So it was actually that horrible, experiencing the stress working with people that take advantages and not giving you what you deserve.

So the story goes like this…. After I got my devastating result that I Failed my OSCE, I was left a week time to decide weather to move out and start a new rent just to work in the same practise, prepare and pass my OSCE then I will go home after I pass. And of course I did try to apply some more jobs through the internet. This guy Chris from prospect healthy was really helping me, because it was not easy to find a job with Tier 2 sponsorship. He found 2 posts for me, one in London and one in Teignmouth, Devon. The London rejected me because I didn’t pass. shit. The Devon director Simon was very kind. He sponsored me to travel all the way to Teignmouth, arranged the girls to bring me out after the interview and I stayed over one night. This is the moment that is worth recalling.

Simon picked me up from Newton Abbot train station. He brought me to this pub with lovely scenery of Teignmouth, with all the lovely houses across the river and up on the hill. very lovely indeed. I still remembered I ordered the last plate of hoisin duck salad and a glass of tap water. The salad was very refreshing and easy to eat while you talk and the glass of water does not has any funny taste like all the tap/filtered water I have tasted in the UK. It tasted just like water from mineral water bottle. And I swear I wasn’t charge for that ‘mineral water taste’ tap water. We talked about Specsavers Teignmouth, how much I know about them. Luckily I did some research. Specsavers Teignmouth did the world record 33 hours nonstop eye test for charity. I asked questions about their business and patients. SO I think I did impress him. Then we move on to the store, we talked about my issue in my last workplace. He thought that was very naughty of them taking advantages of me and it was against the law. So he actually called the person in charge in the Specsavers head office. They were trying to get me out of there and make things right.

That night I went out with the girls: Jess, Abi and Amanda. They are funny and friendly. We had 2 glasses of champagne before we head out for an Italian dinner. Now I understand, pre-drink is not about getting drunk, it is about being more sociable. Yeah really, now then I know. I use to drink to get high and dance. LOL! Yeah I really enjoyed myself, because it was my first time hanging out with all AngMos. A bit nervous because, you know…never hang out with them la, nothing much lol.

So after long and painful considerations, I decided to go for it. This is gonna be a 2 years contract. I will be 27 after this. Hopefully I will practise to be a new me after this 2 years. I have expected not to be able to travel down to London as often because Teignmouth is far. I will be lonely living alone and this is my MAIN concern. The thing I missed the most is Sarah de Lewandowicz. The most amazing housemate ever. She is what is missing in Teignmouth. Loneliness is my problem now. But I still choose to come. I can not complain but to make full use of my time here, let it be getting a new body, be good in guitar, practise positivity in loneliness is the BOM man. I will be a nun by the time I graduate. That’s my aim. LOL this sounds hilarious.

I moved down on to Teignmouth on the 19th November 2013, stayed at Jess’s. Started work on the 25th Nov, moved into my new crib just after 10 days I arrived in Teignmouth. I have to say this although this is not relevant: I started work 23th July 2012 in Worthing Specsavers. Then flew off to Lisbon with Jean on the 9-12th December, off on the 8th and 13th as well. Christmas dinner was on the 13th December. Dad accompanied back to Teignmouth after I touched down London from Lisbon. Went Newton Abbot and around town on the 15th and to Exeter on the 16th. Daddy went back on the 17th December. I was given christmas holiday as well without requesting for it. My festive holiday starts on the 21st to the 2nd of Jan 2013. What a month init? Ideal working life to me.

After I got back from me holidays, 16th Jan is my OSCE in Manchester. Those are the days with no life, no internet, just work and study. 30th is when I know I passed! Thank god! Again, those sleepiness nights, was properly killing you form the inside. 31st is first day of CNY, celebrated with my lovely colleagues. We decorated our store with traditional decorations I got from Manchester. How NICE ! 🙂

For some reason, the happiness of passing didn’t last long. As it was CNY, and is still CNY now. I wanna be back home celebrating being a qualified Optom and CNY together with my family. But though luck, I can’t go home because my documents for visa are not complete yet. I need to wait. So i waited, looking at Facebook pictures. This is life. I am being so negative nowadays. Not good.

This is my update so far. 🙂 I believe, I have faith that one day will come.

xoxo you know you love me

Eunice xx


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