What TIME does to us


I used to be so bubbly, cheerful, love to be surrounded by people.

Now, I feel uncomfortable around people who I think they know me. I think a lot before I splurge out words. Creating awkward situation.

I used to have big dreams, thinking I will go on stage one day and be that DREAM GIRL. I though i can dance well too 😛

Now, that dream is fading away. I almost don’t believe I can sing. I can feel my joints are stiff when I move my body. (sign of ageing maybe?)

I used to have a few lovely good old girlfriends. We click like nobody can do,to a point that people think we are Lesbians. We are so high and happy together, we can just stand on a table and dance with everyone watching us. We enjoyed it.

Now, even talking face to face, it just feels like we are so far away. Its just like the network connections are so bad, you tried to talk and u get tired after the end of conversation.

I used to get so stress with my studies, and I hate discussing with my mates because I am not confident.

Now, I am confident to talk about the basics and my life is stress free =)


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