Refreshed and Recharged

I have been away for 5 week. FIVE FREAKIN WEEKS! SO AMAZING!! I have been back home, spent times with family and friends. I missed the feeling of belonging, in charge, and fulfilling. That is what u can get from home WITH your love ones.

Now I am back working as a fully qualified optometrists. It feels a bit different when I come back this time. I miss people here, I can blend in more. I know I am a bit late, I just learnt whatever happened in life, you are in control.


“Life is 10% what happens to us,

90% how we react to it.’ – Dennis P. Kimbro

So, whatever we want, we have to make that change. Its just like when you are feeling shitty in the start of your day, and you don’t wanna talk to anyone…. that is when you have got to just smile and forget, make a change. 🙂

P/s. we are adults, nothing we can’t do.

you love me, I know you still do.

Eunice xx


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