Ex-iPhone user

London Kings Cross Station This is the first picture I took when I got my first Samsung gadget. Looking at this, it takes me back to 2 years ago, which is when I graduated, which is also when I started my pre-reg. Looking back reminds me of who I am and what I am. Since […]

Refreshed and Recharged

I have been away for 5 week. FIVE FREAKIN WEEKS! SO AMAZING!! I have been back home, spent times with family and friends. I missed the feeling of belonging, in charge, and fulfilling. That is what u can get from home WITH your love ones. Now I am back working as a fully qualified optometrists. […]

What TIME does to us

I used to be so bubbly, cheerful, love to be surrounded by people. Now, I feel uncomfortable around people who I think they know me. I think a lot before I splurge out words. Creating awkward situation. I used to have big dreams, thinking I will go on stage one day and be that DREAM […]

Life as a Pre-reg optometrist

To Eunice, The day I first started working is on the 23th July 2012. I still remember the day like it was just yesterday. It was 3 days after my graduation. In 4 days time the College of Optometrist will announce the result of my OSCE. Qualify or not? (Will get back to u soon) […]

Life’s tough

I have not been good to myself. I am good in taking care of myself on a routine basis, but when something wrong happens, I will be like ‘ No way man, this couldn’t be true’, basically I Ignored. Not thinking that problem may be an issue, thinking people should get a life. Well, clearly […]

有时候,this is how I feel… 你也是吗?